Bett Norris


Hello world!

July is National Blog Posting Month. Really. You sign up and pledge to post on your blog each day. Do the people who blog need incentive? I assume we all do it, as in my case, because we enjoy thinking out loud. So, what do I do to join in the utter frivolity of NaBloPoMo? I create yet another blogspot. I think I now have six or seven places where I can post my aimless thoughts.

Trust me, nothing I have to say is so urgent that it needs seven outlets for dissemination to the wide world. And yet, here I am, virtually bleeding blogs through my pores.

Why do I do it, really? I am a writer, and that’s what I do. Writing something, anything, allows me to get going, starts the writing part of my brain, sort of a jump off. It’s part self promotion, part self starter, part quizzing myself, and part sheer enjoyment.

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