Bett Norris


Keeping Up

I’m trying to count how many web sites/blogs I have and maintain. It all started with my web site,, which still feels more like home than any other site or blog. Then I learned about MySpace. I created a page there, and posted  blogs, usually copying the lates blog from my web site.

Along came Facebook, and everyone flocked to it like lemmings, virtually leaving MySpace alone. At Least, MySpace feels abandoned now to me. Hello! Anyone there? So I don’t bother posting much there, except for photos. I love places that let me store my photos.

What came next? My author page, I think. Then, I started a Google blogger page called All Bets Off (I thought up the name myself), just because. And discovered The Red Room for authors, which is totally free, lets you set up a page and a blog and post reviews of your books, upcoming appearances, etc. There’s also, again, a free blogg that is almost your own web site.

I have profiles at and GoodReads. Do those count?

The reason I am listing all these various venues and opportunities to enage: I recently received a firm, shall we say stern, suggestion/directive from my publisher, Bywater Books, declaring that they are putting out a monthly newsletter, listing all their authors’ various web sites and blogs, and it would be darn convenient if we all manage to update the things and put something new and exciting out there for the enormous amount of traffic the newsletter should be driving our way.

Question: can anyone explain RSS feeds to me? Is that some new magic where I write and post on one blog, and it is automatically loaded onto other sites, without my lifting a finger? Yes, there is a God. RSS is proof.

I’m going to sift through old photos and post some more online. That’s more fun.

Sites that I visit daily and can’t live without:;

Fascinating stuff. What with checking updates on all these sites, keeping my coffee warm, and updating all my own sites as well, who has time to actually write? I mean, write, as in, what happened to that novel I am polishing/ editing/tweaking/ procrastinating over/ hanging onto/ afraid to let editor see/ can/won’t finish/ gotta go post something?


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