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Dear Readers

The holidays are over.  The new year has begun.  And there’s no getting away from it–this is winter.

Can you think of a better time to curl up with a book?

We thought we’d pick out a few of our titles that we reckon make for really good reads.  Enjoy!

Dance in the Key of LoveDance in the Key of Love
by Marianne K. Martin

Paige Flemming is on the run. From the police, from her history, and from love itself. After sixteen years looking over her shoulder, she realizes it’s time to run again. But when she pauses in her headlong flight to catch her breath with old friends, she crashes straight into another ghost from her past. And this time, it’s not one she can easily escape.

Marissa Langford is a woman living with the wreckage of her dreams. A
dancer deprived of the dance by a tragic accident, she is struggling to rebuild her life when Paige’s appearance rekindles bitter memories of what she has lost. For both women, their meeting asks more questions than either can readily answer.

As they struggle with the turbulent emotions each provokes in the other, the net is closing on Paige. But cops are human too, and the hunter who has Paige in his sights has his own harsh emotional lessons to learn.

As old secrets emerge from the darkness, this finely drawn cast of characters search deep inside themselves for the resources to battle their demons. Desire walks hand in hand with betrayal, love is held hostage by abuse, and shadows threaten dreams every step of the way.

In this long-awaited sequel to the best-selling lesbian romance Dawn of the Dance, Lambda Literary Award finalist Marianne K. Martin reminds us that there’s no footwork fancy enough to dance out of the shadow of the past.

Lesbian Fiction  208pp  ISBN 1-932859-17-9

At fine bookstores everywhere
or order directly from Bywater Books.

Miss McGheeMiss McGhee
by Bett Norris

Two women find love amid the stifling intolerance of a small southern town.

When Mary McGhee moved to a small Alabama town shortly after the Second World War, she was sure she could change her life for good: a new job, a new place, a new life. But then she met Lila Dubose, the wife of her new employer, and it seemed that she hadn’t really left anything behind her at all. They were still there–desires she couldn’t escape, fears she couldn’t control, and attitudes that threatened her every chance of happiness.

Yet, Mary McGhee dared to challenge the belief that women had no place in business as she took over the operational reins of a neglected lumber empire and brought it into the new era of profitability. And in the face of homophobia and racism she dared to love a woman and openly provided jobs and financial aid for the blacks of her southern community. A true heroine of her time, Mary McGhee quietly faced her fears and the prejudice and ignorance around her to make a difference.

Set in the shadow of the civil rights movement, Miss McGhee is a sweeping tale of forbidden love in a turbulent time. First-time author Bett Norris portrays one of the darkest and most troubling times in American history with exceptional skill and sensitivity.

Lesbian Fiction  296pp  ISBN 978-1-932859-33-1

At fine bookstores everywhere
or order directly from Bywater Books.

Greetings from JamaicaGreetings from Jamaica
by Mari SanGiovanni

Warning: This book may make you laugh out loud in public.

Marie Santora has always known her Italian family is a little crazy, but when she inherits her grandmother’s estate, they now have a million more reasons to act nuts. It soon becomes clear that the amount of money Marie needs to live comfortably will be decided by her family–if they don’t get enough of her money, she won’t live comfortably.

Marie plans her escape. She’ll give her family a parting gift and then move to Hollywood to chase her dream of writing film scripts. But with millions at stake, it will take more than a free vacation to Jamaica to get the erratic Santora family to toe the line. And the timing couldn’t be worse when her hot pursuit changes from screenplay to foreplay. Now she has to stop her loud-mouthed clan from spilling her secrets as fast as they’re swilling Jamaican rum.

Climb aboard this hilarious rollercoaster ride where Marie is left wishing “out” was the new “in,” and where every lounge chair is a hot seat when the Santora family ventures this close to the equator. The island of Jamaica just may not be big enough …

Lesbian Fiction  264pp  ISBN 1-932859-30-6

At fine bookstores everywhere
or order directly from Bywater Books.

As always, we at Bywater strive to bring you the best in lesbian romance, mystery, and literary fiction.

Till next time!

Kelly Smith
Marianne K. Martin
Val McDermid


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