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2010, So Far

Yes, I know, it’s only January 17. But let me recap my new year for you. Let’s see, our new fridge went out, necessitating many phone calls, much pleading, even threats, to get Sears to repair it for free. Still not done yet, waiting for back-ordered parts, now waiting for repairman to show up. Christmas and New Year’s without refridgeration, check.

Since January 2, my internet connection has been spotty, intermittent, non-existent. Requiring many hours on the phone with my cable internet provider, 3 visits to the house by technicians, problem still not solved. They replaced the modem, the router, the ethernet cord, and now, today, they are checking and/or replacing the line to the house, since the last guy out here ran diagnostics and said that it’s not the computers, and that’s the only other thing that hasn’t been swapped out.

What else? My home web site,, has been getting slammed with spam postings and comments. I’ve complained to the web host, many times, problem still not fixed. That site may have to be abandoned because te problem has gotten so bad. Apparently it is happening to everyone who uses this host.  I am trying to gently break the news to members who have signed up on my web site that it may be time to follow me here, on wordpress. Some of them don’t like change. They told me so.

Around the first of each year, I get all tingly and excited and anticipatory (is that a word?) looking ahead, thinking about writing, and trips, and what’s in store. It looks like I’ll be going to New Orleans in May (I know!) for the Saints and Sinners iterary conference. If you’ve never attended this one, you should. New Orleans is one of those places, seeped in history and legend, and just being there inspires thooughts of writers who have walked the same streets, visited the same dives, drawn inspiration from the aura and general sense of the place. We should compile a list of all the writers who have lived and written in New orleans and used New Orleans in their writing.

On the same trip, I am planning to also stop in on Montgomery, another old southern town with its own history, whose very name conjures up images and emotions. This is to visit old friends, and to do some on the ground research for my third book, set in Montgomery in the first half of the twentieth century. I miss Montgomery. The Victorian house on Highland, Old Cloverdale, the capitol complex, Dexter Avenue, Chris’s Hot Dogs, Huntington College, Capitol Book & News, the rivers, the hills, the feeling of all the people who walked the streets before me.

Looking up Dexter Avenue toward the capitol, circa 1906.

Commerce Street, Montgomery, 1915

Thomas Owen, founder of the Alabama Department of Archives and History, 1910

Court Square, Montgomery, 1913

Steamboat, Montgomery, 1886

court square, 1880

So this is what I am doing, looking at ld phtos, thinking, putting myself into that time, feeling the heat.

2 responses to “2010, So Far

  1. Joy Malone January 17, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Ah, the Montgomery heat…legendary – and rightly so. I don’t miss that heat at all, but I do miss Montgomery food. There is a place just down the street from the Capri Theater that makes really good burritos, if it is still there. Like most places with good food, the restaurant looks like hell, but the burritos and salsa are really good. If you like burritos give it a try while you’re in town.

    Best thing about Montgomery…it’s not too far from Auburn.

    I’m already looking forward to reading this third book!


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