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I received an email from my editor the other day:

I was listening to a great new radio program in the UK this morning and I want to share it with you all. The BBC Radio 4 program is called Capturing America: Mark Lawson’s History of Modern American Literature. This morning one of the authors interviewed was Toni Morrison and she said this: “I wasn’t moving towards the center. I was staying at the margin, with the point of view of someone who was marginalized, hoping the center would move towards me.” When I heard this I thought of all of you. I thought of how many times people have asked, why write about lesbians. Why, because it matters. And because the center still has a ways to move. It certainly moved toward Toni and it ain’t done moving yet.

You can listen to this show on the BBC Radio 4 website. There are also interviews there including one with Toni Morrison.

Then I found this great quote from Jane Rule’s testmony at the Little Sister’s trial:

“Whether I were testifying at this trial or not, my name would come up over and over again as that woman whose books are seized at the border, and I have no defence against it. And I bitterly resent the attempt to marginalize, trivialize and even criminalize what I have to say because I happen to be a lesbian, I happen to be a novelist, I happen to have bookstores and publishers who are dedicated to producing my work.”

Then I found out that the transcript of that trial, and Jane Rule’s testimony, is published.

Now I really want to read it.

                                                                                                                                              ISBN 0-920999-28-X; $4.50. 1995

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