Bett Norris


February News

The Feb 2010 Bywater newsletter is out. Here’s the link:

If you haven’t checked out Bywater’s brand new web site, you really should.

I just read Georgia Beers’ new book Starting from Scratch and thought it was simply lovely: funny and touching. You can’t beat laughter and tears in the same book. Great job. I highly recommend it.

I was successful in avoiding most the Winter Olympics. I saw the women’s hockey final and the men’s. Some curling. That’s it.

I’m still working on the new book (no title) and seem to have found a ryhthm, a theme, a tone. It’s going slowly. I  hope to have the first draft completed before a trip to Montgomery for research and photos.

Lambda Literary has lauched a new online magazine. You should check it out.

My partner’s book, Beside Myself, seems to be selling well. If you haven’t yet read this hilarious and poignant memoir of her early childhood on a cotton farm in Frost, TX, you should. Original drawings and photos are included.


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