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I have not written in a while. So, I have news to announce. Bywater Books is finally beginning to reap some benefits from years of effort and good, hard work since the inception of this publishing company, owned jointly by Kelly Smith, Marianne K, Martin, and Val McDermid.

Jill Malone has garnered three nominations for her novel A Field Guide to Deception. It is a finalist for the Ferro-Grumley award, and also for a Lambda literary award in general fiction, as wells as a finalist for a GCLS award. After getting great reviews for her first novel, Red Audrey and the Roping, also shortlisted for a Lambda award, Malone did what many writers fail to do: she grabbed even better critical reviews for her second novel. For a young writer to deomnstrate such surety and depth is rare, and Bywater did a great job in finding Malone through their annual fiction contest.

Both are excellent books and well worth the reading.

Next, Z Egloff, another new and talented writer discovered by Bywater, has also garnered three nominations this year for her debut novel Verge.

This books is shortlisted for a GCLS award in both the debut author category and in general fiction. Verge is also a finalist for a Lambda award in the debut author category.

Finally, also on the short list for a Lambda award in the general fiction category, Elana Dykewomon’s new novel Risk. Bywater Books was very lucky and proud to publish the legendary Dykewomon’s latest novel.

Many of you may have read Dykewomon’s excellent Beyond the Pale, published in 1997, and winner of both the Ferro-Grumley and the Lambda literary awards for best lesbian fiction.

You can read about all three authors in the April Bywater newsletter:

I am excited about upcoming books soon to be published through Bywater Books as well, especially Marianne K. Martin next novel, Indelible, a sequel to her classic Love in the Balance, and Cynn Chadwick’s upcoming novel Angels and Manners. This small publishing house does good work through finding great writers, and new writers, and developing them with skilled editing and attention to details.

Congratulations to all Bywater’s finalists this year.

You can check out their web site here:


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