Bett Norris


What I Missed

I didn’t get to attend the great Saints and Sinners literary conference in New Orleans this year. I’ve been to every one except two since its beginning. I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone who hasn’t been to it before.

This year, Carsen Taite was there, and conducted interviews for her vlog with many of the writers, editors, publishers. This really helped me get over my envy.

Here’s an interview with the wonderful Marianne K. Martin:

And here’s another talk with the fabulous Jill Malone:

You can subscribe to Carsen Taite’s vlogs on youtube, and I recommend it. She does a good job on all of them.

Here’s another one with author and publisher Fay Jacobs:

It was really rainy for this conference, and that makes me regret missing it even more. The heat and humidity each year in New Orleans makes me beg for rain, and this year they got it.

Because I am petty, and because it made me laugh, here’s one more, with publisher/editor of Bywater Books, Kelly Smith:


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