Bett Norris


Bywater Books in Provincetown for Women’s Week

All Bywater events are free. Please note, the panel discussion with Bywater authors and its publisher set for Saturday morning at the Crown and Anchor, with Kate Clinton, is open to the public! There will be prizes and giveaways. Last year’s panel was so much fun that Kate Clinton immediately agreed to do it again this year.  The meet and greet party at Womencrafts on Thursday night is a lot of fun, and is free to the public. You get to mingle with the authors, get photos, buy their books, get signatures, ask nosy questions, and snarf up all the wine, cheese, and M&M’s you can hold.

New Bywater author Lisa Gitlin will be there. Her debut novel, I Came Out for This? is hilarious and has received several rave reviews. Marianne K. Martin will be there. The lovely, funny, and talented Mari SanGiovanni will be there. And Kate Clinton,  world-reknowned comedian and author, brilliant political humorist, the funniest woman on the planet, will be hanging around with the Bywater Books people in P Town.

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