Bett Norris


For Dems, Repubs, and TP’s

I admit it. I am pretty upset by: the results of the midterm elections, Alabama’s loss to LSU, Keith Olberman’s suspension, and the weather, which has turned cold, here in Florida. This video makes me feel better about all of those things.

Other things that make me feel good: Bywater author Stella Duffy’s recent Stonewall award:

The upcoming release of my next book also makes me feel good.

I am excited about the release of Angels and Manners, Cynn Chadwick’s latest novel.

IN fact, Cynn Chadwick has launched her very own publishing company, featuring her work, paintings, as well as her partner Elena’s photography. Check out all they have to offer at



So you see, I am not the sort of person to be derailed by the election results that signal a swing to the right for the country, nor by a devastating loss in football. I can listen and watch Miranda Lambert’s hilarious “Only Prettier” and boost my entire outlook on life. I suggest you all do the same, and bless your hearts.





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