Bett Norris


Desperation Redux


Bywater’s fan total is at 847. I have decided to do a vlog should we reach the magic 1000. Fully clothed, of course. It will be a modest and demure exposition on some subject yet to be determined. Nothing like a hard-hitting journalistic rant on the state of publishing today. I really think all of Bywater’s fans would like most to hear about me, my daily life, how I come to write such brilliant and poignant novels, where my inspiration lies, what moves me to speak to the world.

It will not devolve into a bitter rant about why my brilliance has gone largely unnoticed to date. Bitterness is unattractive.

Please tell Kate (Clinton) that I will not wear a hat of any kind. That should put to rest her fear that I am merely copying her vlog shorts. Mine is intended to be more of a self documentary, and lengthy. No similarity to hers at all.

Even though I could dash off a script with little effort, I feel as though this would be better presented as a free-flowing event. Whither my musings take me, that sort of thing. A glimpse into an artist’s mind at work.

I am open to any little suggestions you may care to send, as always. Example: do you think you could interest HBO in showing this? Just a thought. Or maybe the Sundance film festival, something along those lines. Just so you know: I am not interested in Oprah, currently doing her farewell season. She never chose my novel for her book club, so I am not going to lend her anything to prop up a dying brand now, you see. Not vengeful, just being candid. She’s on her way out, with her little media empire trailing along behind.

Oh, and I am certain Kate is begging you to emcee my little event. Just tell her it’s a no go. One woman show.

So glad to have fleshed out the planning of this thing. I think it will come off wonderfully. I may even have some questions texted in from the fans. I’ll just make them up, of course, to speed things along.



PS: I am thinking of doing the entire thing in a bathrobe. What do you think?


2 responses to “Desperation Redux

  1. Cynn Chadwick December 7, 2010 at 4:39 am

    I’m thinking a thong would get a LOT more attention than a bathrobe.


  2. Joy December 7, 2010 at 4:50 am

    May I humbly suggest some feather boas, a coconut bra, and perhaps some well placed fans?


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