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Things That Make Me Sad

It’s been a trying week, which began with a Monday holiday. Why does having a day off make the work week seem longer? The week ended with Keith Olbermann quitting his job at MSNBC. Such a shock that I am barely recovered from it.

In between the beginning and the end of this week, there was this strange incident, which reveals the half asleep state in which I drive to work every morning, a danger to myself and other motorists, and my continuing ineptitude with all things techno. This is a true story.

I recently traded cars (downsizing, better gas milage, better interest rate) And the new one has Onstar. Wait for it, please. So I’m driving to work, listening to the radio, and this insistent beeping intrudes. Then it stops. I look at the dashboard, no warning lights. I sip my coffee and continue on. Then the beeping starts again, and now I am in a panic. Why is the car beeping, but not telling me why? I call Onstar and tell them about this strange beeping, which the Onstar lady agreed that she heard as well. Not my imagination. there is definitely a distinct beeping.

I pull into the parking lot at work. I walk around the new car for a visual inspection. Still looks shiny and new.  The beeping stopped when I shut off the car.

It took a few minutes. A few more swallows of coffee. Then I finally figured it out. My cell phone. I had accidentally turned on the alarm, accidentally set to go off at 7:44 am.  Then came the challenge. How do I turn off the alarm? This took a consultation with a coworker who helps me with my cell phone initiatives and shortcomings. (I turn to another coworker for computer challenges. It’s like having unpaid staff.) After I turned off the wake up alarm, then I wanted to know how to lock the stupid touch screen so that I wouldn’t accidentally alarm myself again. Pause. Yes, there is a button on the top of the phone that locks it. Found it. Didn’t have to refer to the owner’s manual. Hah!

I always like to add photos with each blog. So I am right now trying to figure out how to take a photo of the new car and the phone, just to give you, the reader, some visual relief. Do I take the picture with my phone? How do I download it to my laptop so I can upload it and insert it here? Do I take a picture of my phone with the digital camera? How do I then download, save, upload, etc.?

I could push the wrong button, and start the whole nightmare over. Okay, I’m back. I tried to plug the camera into the computer using the wrong end of the USB connector. Now my mouse won’t work. What did I do?

Apparently, even if you don’t use your digital camera, you must still charge the battery. The camera is now plugged in and charging. The mouse still is not working.

Okay, I’m back. I took a photo of the car with my phone. It’s cold outside. I am reporting all this in real time, but I do realize that you, the reader, are not participating with me in real time, so I understand your impatience and frustration. Those who are reading this and itching to scream simple instructions to me, I totally get it.

I just emailed the photo to myself. Is this correct? Is there a better way?

OKay, back again. I rebooted and now the mouse works. I (think I) have saved the photos I took.

This is the good one. The other two are mistakes, but in full disclosure, I felt I should show all of my attempts.

The process by which I downloaded the photos, saved them, and then inserted them into this blog cannot be explained, nor could I repeat the process. Here they are. Where they are on my laptop, I cannot tell you.

I am supposed to be writing today, and thought I would begin by making a short entry to this blog, to talk about my week. It has taken just over an hour to accomplish all this, and I forgot that the other night, I tried to make the coffee and program it to turn on atuomatically in the morning, and all I did was screw up the clock.

I wonder where I put the instructions that came with the coffeemaker? Most people don’t keep those.

Wait. Brilliant idea. If I take a photo of the coffee maker, could someone post here to tell me how to reset the time and to program it to turn on automatically each morning?

Keith Olbermann’s abrupt resignation last night really bothers me very little, now that I think about it in context.


2 responses to “Things That Make Me Sad

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  2. Joy January 22, 2011 at 7:54 am

    No wonder all these techno tools designed to help us think better keep us from thinking straight. Arrrghhh!


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