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All’s Right

Bywater Books’ newsletter is out, and it is chock full of news. This month author Marcia Finical is featured, and if you haven’t read her award-winning novel, Last Chance at the Lost and Found, you should, and now you have a choice: hard copy or ebook.

Book clubs, you want to take note of the offer in the newsletter, contact: Michele at
This week was my little brother’s birthday. I sent him a card!

I was supposed to say, “my handsome little brother.” So there.

This week has been very trying, very rewarding, and very challenging to my patience. In the midst of negotiating between four siblings who have not always agreed, proposing a way to get my mother’s estate settled, at the same time, we have been getting the inside of our house painted, causing much disruption of normal routines for the cats and for us. The new paint is gorgeous, we love it, but Sketch has retreated to sleeping in the bathtub, which I interpret as a sign of his feeling displaced and insecure.

Poor old man. It will be over soon. That’s my mantra, for the whole process of things getting settled, wills, estates, cats, and me.

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