Bett Norris


What Could Go Wrong, Right?

Let’s review the past week. National, international, and personal news is simply overwhelming.

First, molar extraction:  I could have chosen a more graphic photo, so you’re welcome.  The pain is still there, after two rounds of antibiotics and pain killers.

Next, on the national front, there’s Wisconsin and Michigan, and my own state of residence, Florida. What’s up? I thought nothing could top these events on the personal and the national, for my attention. Then this happened.

Again, I could have chosen much more graphic and devastating pictures.  Frankly, I couldn’t bear going through them to make a selection.

This morning, waking up to more bad news from Japan, more pain from the now non-existent tooth, I had to watch a video of cute kittens just to calm down

Oh, and I woke up to find it is one hour later in the US. Do they do this whole spring forward, fall back thing in Europe?


Since I am off the pain med, I am now viewing the shocking, heart-wrenching news from around the world with perfect clarity. It isn’t good, folks. It is just plain bad news. The revolution in Libya. The earthquake, the tsunami, the nuclear meltdown, the affront to democracy, the tooth extraction.

On a scale of one to ten, I am not sure which hurts the most.


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