Bett Norris


Rachel Got it Wrong

I am sorry to say so, but last night, Rachel got something wrong.  In a piece about Republican governors giving huge tax breaks when their states carry huge deficits, Florida was mentioned.

In fact, Florida governor Rick Scott did give a 1.5 billion dollar tax break to corporations, and Florida in fact does have a deficit of approximately 3.5 billion, but the governor made his tax break deficit neutral by cutting 1.67 billion from the education budget. Easy peasy.

I am not supposed to be worrying about this. I have a new book coming out in a few weeks. I have a panel discussion at a conference in Asheville, a book reading at Malaprops, all to promote the new book. I should be concentrating on myself and still, I am distracted  by news that is upsetting as it is worrisome and astounding.

That’s Malaprops Bookstore & Cafe, Saturday, April 2, 6 pm, with Fay Jacobs, Jeff Mann, Cynn Chadwick, and Tom Mendocino.

The panel will be held as part of the Queer Studies conference at UNC in Asheville.

Lesbian publishers, writers, and local bookstore owner will
discuss the changing nature of lesbian literature and publishing. In these evolving
times when more and more lesbians are openly out at work, getting married,
having babies, receiving partner-benefits, and soon serving openly in the military,
we wonder if and how these contemporary social changes reflect in our literature?
Are we changing with the times, and what do these changes mean for our genre?
In addition, in the past, while our small niche has been ghetto-ized onto single
shelves at the back corners of independent bookstores and an occasional B&N,
where, if lucky, we might be found, today’s electronic books’ explosion is also
having an affect on independent brick & mortar bookstores, publishers, and
authors alike. Our panel will touch on these issues and more in this informal

A&M Publisher and novelist Faye Jacobs author of For Frying Out Loud, Fried
& True, and As I Lay Frying. A&M Publishers

Novelist Bett Norris author of Miss McGhee Bywater

Napping Porch Press Ebook Publisher & novelist Cynn Chadwick author of Cat
Rising, Girls With Hammers, Babies, Bikes, and Broads, Angels & Manners, and
As the Table Turns. Bywater Books & Napping Porch Press.

Emoke Brasz owner of Asheville’s Malaprop’s Bookstore and Café.
How am I doing so far in the area of self promoting?


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