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Out and About

Just got back from lovely Asheville, NC. Beautiful setting, lovely city. And I was so thrilled to be included in the UNC Queer Studies conference. We had a small but lively crowd at our panel discussion on Friday.

I was even more thrilled to debut my new novel What’s Best for Jane at the wonderful Malaprops Bookstore & Cafe, on Haywood Street in downtown Asheville.  The reading went well, and drew a much larger crowd than I anticipated.

I can’t thank the energetic (where does she get it?) Cynn Chadwick for reaching out and inviting me to this event. A great author in her own right, Cynn publishes through Bywater Books and now, also through her very own publishing company, Napping Porch Press. A professor of creative writing at UNC Asheville, I am exhausted just listing her accomplishments, not least of which is her generosity as a host.




The fabulous Jenny McNulty, Fay Jacobs, Cynn Chadwick, and myself.

It’s out, and it’s gorgeous! What’s Best for Jane is out right now, if you order through Bywater Books. General release to bookstores and such will be May.

And coming up, will be a guest visit right here, on April 8, with the legendary, smart, lovely, and all around great person and great writer, Marianne K. Martin.

You can check out Jill Malone’s interview with Marianne on Jill’s web site today:

and come visit with us here on April 8.


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