Bett Norris


Bookstore Reading/Signing: There will be Chocolate.

Bookstore reading/Signing

Local author Bett Norris will read from her new novel, What’s Best for Jane, at the newly opened independent bookstore called Bookstore1Sarasota, located at 1359 Main St in Sarasota, on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, at 6 pm. The author will be available to sign your books and to answer questions. There will be chocolate.











Norris will also be at Inkwood Books, 206 N Armenia Ave, in Tampa, on Thursday, June 23, 2011, at 7 pm.


Bett Norris, born and raised in Alabama a few short miles from the place where Harper Lee did the same, followed in the footsteps of her idol and inspiration by attending the University of Alabama, somehow managing to graduate with a degree in history and a burning desire to write. Real life intruded, but many years later, her first novel, Miss McGhee, a runnerup for the first annual Bywater prize for fiction, was published, a story set in the south during the decades of the civil rights movement. She dutifully set her second novel, What’s Best for Jane, in the South as well, certain that the well of rich material to be found there will never run dry.

Find out more on the author’s web site,

Miss McGhee is a tender, complicated love story filled with real hurdles and triumphs. It is an absolutely engaging read. . .”


“An impressive, gifted story-teller.”

–Katherine V. Forrest

4 responses to “Bookstore Reading/Signing: There will be Chocolate.

  1. Steven Ramos June 15, 2011 at 7:54 am

    You’re hilarious! I just found your site, so now I’m eager to read more. I’m from Texas originally … and I was explaining to some Northern friends (I can’t say yankee) just last night that the greatest American writers are Southern. Why, they asked? Well, because we’re all crazy! Not that I’m a great Southern writer, mind you. I’m just a journalist who admires great writing. My blog is

    Congratulations on your work … and I won’t tell Kate Clinton I left you a message. Shhh!


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