Bett Norris


Friday Odds and Ends

This is not a cohesive, planned piece. Just a summary of some odd things that happened throughout the week. Yes, TGIF, and Roll Tide football tomorrow, etc.

Your Phone is Your Press Badge: This week, Elizabeth Warren officially announced she is running for Scott Brown’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. Brown is the corporate darling, the wiener of Wall Street, with 10 million in his campaign account already, most of it from banks, Wall street biggies, hedge funds, corporations-are-people-too. All these groups have a decided growth rate in hatred of Elizabeth Warren, the professorial professor, the bespectacled, motherly watcher over of the TARP payouts, the founder of the consumer financial protection bureau, and purveyor of common sense.

Warren asks that you send her ten dollars. Do it if you live in Massachusetts and you are unemployed. Or if you have a job and want tax breaks for yourself and not just for GE and their ilk. (I have been trying to use the word ‘ilk’ in a sentence for a long time.) Send her ten dollars if you have a credit card balance you struggle to pay down, but must occasionally use to pay a doctor or to buy gas. Send her ten dollars because she makes sense, in a time when very few even try.

President Obama has been barnstorming (love that word) around the country urging people to deluge Congress with orders to pass the jobs bill he just sent them. In a remarkable, never-too-late turn, he is looking, sounding, and acting like the man we thought we elected. No matter how you feel about his performance to date, this jobs bill makes sense, it is necessary, it will put people to work, give small businesses incentives for hiring them, fix bridghes and roads and schools, extend tax cuts for the working wounded, end such tax breaks for the wealthy, and in general, give a big push just when it is needed. Call your Senators and especially your representatives in the House. Many times. Several times each day. Email them and write to them. Hashtag them on Twitter. Make their lives  amiserable place to be unless they act on this bill. In other words, give them just as much grief as they have given you.

North Carolina passed an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage, which will be put to a vote next May. A friend who has lived in North Carolina for many years decided that is it passes, she will move.

A friend asked me for some advice yesterday. Not unusual, as I am a wise and experienced person who is generous with my expertise on any number of subjects. In this case, though, I was a little uneasy. Her child was being bullied at school because of sexual orientation. What do I know of being a mother? What do I know of being bullied as a teenager, when I was closeted then?

I gave her the link to GLSEN.

I was ashamed of my startled first reaction when my friend asked for advice. I said, what is she, nuts? Holding hands in school and not expecting adverse reactions?

I hate that I answered defensively. I didn’t listen. My friend’s daughter did not ask for advice about whether she should be open about her sexuality, she in fact asked for some good comebacks to the nerdy bulliers. She just wanted some good lines. She wanted to respond, but simply had run out of weapons. How do you like that?

I like it very much, and I applaud her. And I wish I could walk down the halls of her school with her.

Roll Tide, and all that.


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