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It has been an interesting week. I sat in a therapist’s office and said I am fine, my mother’s death is fully processed and behind me. I received a prescription.

Last Thursday might, I saw Kate Clinton’s performance here in St. Petersburg. A wonderful experience. She was brilliant, as always.

I did a radio interview with the wonderful Emily Cherin on Portsmouth radio, her show called All Things Gay. We talked about What’s Best for Jane. Emily asked some great questions. I really enjoyed it.

Just this morning, I learned that Jane Rule’s memoir will be published November 8. A handwritten manuscript was recently discovered in the archive of her papers  at the University of British Columbia.

I am very excited about this. As you may know, Jane Rule’s body of work is a wellspring of inspiration and sustenance. Katherine V. Forrest, who edited two of Rule’s books, states that Jane Rule should be considered the finest lesbian author in twentieth century literature, and she doesn’t mind of you take out the qualifier. I don’t mind either.

Also this week, Sally Bellerose’s novel The Girl’s Club was launched. You simply must get this book and read it. Share it with friends. Give it as a Christmas gift. Spread the word.

“One of our finest writers gives us this best yet portrait of a working class, lesbian coming out in the early 70s—Bellerose knows what to do with history—give it a body, desires, the wonder, fun, lust and longings of the human heart. Tough and tender, this is a family story in the truest sense. The Girls Club is simply a fine novel, which is a joy to read and Sally Bellerose is a writer of great skill and great heart.” —Joan Nestle, author of and co-founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives

The Girls Club is incredible—fierce, sexy and wise. Reading it will help you get through almost anything with more of your humanity intact. Plus, it’s a blast.” —Susan Stinson author of Venus of Chalk

“Riveting, gripping, unputdownable, The Girls Club grabbed me by the throat from the very first page . . . I’d follow this enormously talented writer to the ends of the earth.” —Lesléa Newman, author of Heather Has Two Mommies and The Reluctant Daughter


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