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What’s Missing in This Photo?

Me, that’s what. Given the ongoing obsession the Great Kate Clinton nourishes for me, I asked the brave and unflappable Georgia Beers to take one on the chin for me during this year’s Women’s Week in P Town. She really came through for me.

It has been a quiet time since Women’s Week. No emails, no contact of any kind from Great Kate. I think this plan might have worked.

Or maybe the GK is focusing on the upcoming election season. Lord knows there is enough material already with the Republican clown car series. Herman Cain singing, denying his earlier denials, Rick Perry absolutely goofy over maple syrup, and Mitt insisting corporations are people too, well the list is too long.

Georgia managed to launch her newest book 96 Hours, which I am dying to read. Unique premise. I just have to get this book, and soon.

Also out for P Town: Marianne K. martin’s long=awaited new book, The Indelible Heart. This one I have already read, and trust me, you will love it. Heart-wrenching, and tough in places, but so real, especially the main character Sharon.





Sally Bellerose was also there, promoting her first novel The Girls Club. This one is a definite winner.  The story of three sisters coming of age in a working class town, struggling with marriage, babies, love, and self awareness during the seventies. Gritty and real.



And coming out next from Bywater, another book I have waited for and am excited to read: the sequel to Greetings From Jamaica, Camptown Ladies.


If you loved Greetings From Jamaica, and laughed as much as I did, then you will want to grab this one as soon as it comes out.


Joan Opyr’s very fine Shaken and Stirred is also out now. I believe this is Opyr’s best work yet.

So, lots of good reading out or soon to be out. Get your Christmas lists ready. All of these are also available as ebooks. Which you can’t wrap. Even so, books make great gifts.

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