Bett Norris


Another Dead Lizard

There is another dead lizard on the floor, belly up, no tail.

I was happy that the Giants won the Super Bowl.

The California appeals court will rule today on Proposition 8.

Clint Eastwood is in trouble with his own party for doing a Chrysler commercial that was so positive about America that many thought it was a campaign ad for Obama’s re-election. Apparently Republicans would have liked it if the darn thing hadn’t been so hopeful. And if it did not remind Americans that we would probably have no car manufacturing left in the US if president Obama hadn’t insisted on bailing out Chevrolet. (I just traded for my third Chevy, glad to do my part.)

Yes, I am still writing about mules. I hope to be finished with this section very soon.

I have the premier of Smash recorded, so don’t tell me about it. But wasn’t Kate Clinton’s performance great?

Only six more days until the season premier of The Walking Dead.

My life is meaningless unless you all buy my book What’s Best for Jane immediately.









Not really, but my publisher loves it when I promote myself.


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