Bett Norris


Bloody Sunday

It was cold. Look closely at all the pictures, and you can see everybody is wearing coats. Like today, here in Florida, it is, very windy and cold. That’s how I always picture it in my imagination, in the last blustery cold winds before spring, early March, 1965.









I believe the picture above left is John Lewis, who organized and led the first march with Hosea Williams. I think the photo above right is of Amelia Boynton, who pushed so hard and for so long for voter registration in Selma.

I hate cold wind. I hate this in-between weather that spawns tornadoes and restlessness.

They are re-enacting the march today in Selma, where the weather is very much like it is here in Florida, like it was that day, March 7, 1965.

All morning my mind has been in the past. The long ago. Let’s look at some more pictures.













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