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Dead Lizard No. 3

Why is it that the abbreviation for number is “no”? Shouldn’t it be “nr” or “nu”? okay.

Actually, there were several lizards in the house this weekend. Why? Well, this is Florida, the lizard capital of the world. Also, we had people in our yard doing a general spring clean up, chopping down, hacking back, edging, trimming, an all day, “How did we let it get this out of hand?” workday. (Thanks to Matt, Steve, Cheryl, Jeffrey, and Barry.  You guys are the best.) All this activity probably drove some reptiles indoors in fear for their lives, which put them in reach of the fearless lizard slayer, Scout. At first sighting, I screamed. By the end of the weekend, I was letting out little chirps like a helpless bird.

I was sore ( a writer’s back is an iffy thing) and tired, very grateful for all the help, but generally in a good mood as I tuned in to Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead. Oops. OMG.If you haven’t caught on to the wild spooky that is this show, go here.

And I am, still, writing on the first draft of the next book. I have finally, I think, found a voice, a main character, and a way forward. Which doesn’t help my back.











I want to use one of these two photos as the cover of the book. What do you think?

I watched this video tribute to Hillary Clinton, and it made me want to vote for her again.

Other than that, there were several outbreaks of crazy happening in the family (or maybe just me), losing some overtime due to the crazy, Sketch trying to eat my pizza crust, and spring allergies, all this allowed me to forget about the Republican nonsense entirely. Yippee!

Talking about crazy relatives (or maybe just me) someone said that the difference between Northerners and Southerners is this: Yankees try to hide their crazy people in the attic, but Southerners have them at the dinner table, preferably seated next to the person we dislike the most. So I thought about inviting Mitt, Newt, and Rick to dinner sometime. Sorry Ron, but in this swing through the southern state primaries, you begin to look normal.

In the news: Governor Rick Scott loses a lawsuit to take 3 % of state workers’ pay to prop up the retirement fund, and imposes random drug testing on said workers. I think another lawsuit is coming his way.  After the fiasco of drug testing welfare recipients blew up in his face, proving only that drug use among the poor is far below drug use in the general population, you would think this guy would give up.

Last night on Rachel Maddow, she made a serious and logical argument for pulling US troops out of Afghanistan sooner than president Obama’s plan. And her book about the military comes out March 27.

I am still waiting to read The Retribution, Val McDermid’s latest Carol Jordan and Tony Hill. Jacko returns. Creepy.

The finalists for this years Lambda literary awards will be announced March 16. I can’t wait, because I firmly believe that Sally Bellerose’s The Girls Club will be on that list.


2 responses to “Dead Lizard No. 3

  1. Sally Bellerose March 13, 2012 at 4:23 am

    Lizards, yes. My Love and I went to Tuscany ( I love to write My Love and I went to Tuscany) and lime green lizards climbed in and out of the windows at will. The little dragons slept on the brick walls of the centuries old Abby where we stayed. My old beloved boi carried on so much we almost had to leave. In the end she slept with a sheet over her face.
    Love both pics. Photo of the women inside the cover?
    Thanks for the shout out – hope you are right about the Lammys. sallyb


  2. Lori March 13, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    You big chicken! Too bad I wasn’t there to help. You know I love that kind of “outside” stuff.
    I hope you use the house on the cover…. and maybe the other on the inside as the lady above suggested.

    Send me the ruff draft…. I need a Bett Book fix 🙂 Loves ya!


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