Bett Norris


I Don’t Wanna Be

I don’t want to be this kind of person. The one who looks at this picture of Gretchen, a rescued Schnauzer, and has to say no. Gretchen is being fostered right now, but needs a permanent home. She is in Tampa right now. Here’s the link so you can read about her and decide to help, if only with a donation,

I looked at that face and said, “She needs me.” I got so excited I actually filled out the application, without consulting Sandy at home.

I did call and talk to my partner about taking Gretchen, and Sandy looked at the photos and read the story, and then Sketch, our 13-year-old Maine Coon, came out of his room for some attention, and Sandy and I decided that Sketch needs all our attention right now. A new pet would be a distraction for him and for us. He deserves to live his senior years in peace.

I don’t want to be the person who talks about her cats all the time.

But really, can you look into those deep, sweet eyes of Sketch and say, here’s a new dog, we are going to play with her and take her for walks and pay attention to her, and not you?

Then there is Scout, adopted four years ago to be a companion and playmate for Sketch in his golden years. It worked for a while. The energetic and totally self-centered young Scout was a torment to Sketch, and it livened him up, all the tussling and squabbling, all the bathing he had to endure. Scout boosted Sandy and me too. Now Sketch and Scout go their separate ways, and Sketch is on his own path.

Someone please, please adopt Gretchen so I don’t feel guilty for not getting her.

I don’t want to be the person who says no.



One response to “I Don’t Wanna Be

  1. Lori April 12, 2012 at 10:42 am

    Dear Bud,
    You should go get that sweet doggie. Yes, it will be tramatic for a couple weeks with the cats. But they would get use to the dog. And the dog would get use to you guys too. Also, I begged you and Sandie to start walking while I was there and ya didn’t. 🙂 I know …. But, you know this sweet creature will need to be walked regulary. (a tired dog is a good dog) I’m not going to go read about her because then I would want her and I already have two here…. I think a dog would be good for both of you.


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