Bett Norris


This was Bound to Happen

I thought it was over, the Great Kate Clinton’s passionate elevation of me. I should have seen this coming. It seems that Great Kate has gone and got herself a contract to publish her books as ebooks with my publisher, Bywater Books. That’s right, my publisher. This is cyber-stalking raised to the next degree. Whatever.

I know, I never should have toyed with her, made fun of her delusion. I stupidly believed that a celebrity of her stature would play this for laughs, right?

But this is really too much. See for yourself.

Hot Off The E-Book Press. Kate Clinton.

So many regrets now about how I handled this thing. Laughed it off, ignored it, played into it, taken the legal approach (tried that one), given in to her demands for attention.

Now I see her strategy. All along, this was timed to happen just before the 2012 presidential campaign, so that she could make hay of it on tour. She believes, (rightly so) that people will rush to her performances for a chance to see the woman who is stalking me. One can only poke fun at Mitt for so long, after all. Presidential debate? Big yawn.

I do not like being used in this fashion, but then, a girl has to make a living, which is what Great Kate will say if confronted.

What else can I do except jump on the crazy wagon? Here they are, for your reading pleasure.





One response to “This was Bound to Happen

  1. Joy April 24, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    Or, in the case of ebooks, it was unbound to happen.
    As for Ms. Clinton, well, you know how Yankees are about invading a Southerner’s space. Stay on your toes, Bett. Ever vigilant, my friend, ever vigilant…


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