Bett Norris


I Didn’t Start It

I believe that name-calling is a form of bullying. This began with an innocuous email explaining why I missed Monday and Tuesday at work. I copy it here below, so you can judge for yourselves:

“I’m okay. Sandy fell Sunday night, and we thought her lower leg was broken. Into the emergency room almost all day yesterday, with a huge bruise and a lump the size of a grapefruit. Turns out it’s not broken, thank God, just a really deep bruise. Swelling has gone down some. She is sleeping the peaceful sleep of the drugged right now, and I’m going to pick up a prescription for Hydracodone (sp?).

Sandy is now calling me “Becky” because she has me at her beck and call. Not funny.

Please pass this along to anyone else who is interested in my life and absence from work. I have fans everywhere, you know.

See you tomorrow, as I am about becked and called out.”

Apparently, this email was forwarded to my coworkers, who evidently have too much free time on their hands. It started with this:

Taped over my name plate. Not funny. It then spread to this:

Again, creative but not funny.

People, the name-calling must stop.


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