Bett Norris


This Would Not Have Happened

Had it not been for Rachel Maddow taking Monday night off.  I think Ezra Klein is adorkable, but he’s not Rachel. I go to bed early, so I can get up at four a.m. to write. The first thing I do after firing up the laptop is to watch the Rachel Maddow show from the night before. When Rachel takes a night off and there is a guest host, I am horribly disappointed. This interrupts my early morning routine: watch Rachel, get fired up about something, then write.

I understand that people need vacations and time off. And Rachel has been doing double the work lately with her book promotion. I am sure she deserves some rest from the grind. But her absence is very disrupting of my work pattern. Not that I’m obsessive-compulsive. Or in any way dependent on Rachel Maddow for ideas. Or stimulation. Or ideas.

No, it’s the humor and earnestness that I miss. Really. Why else would I read an entire book about the changes in US military policy over the last forty years?

I like how hard Rachel tries to find someone to argue with her.

I like that she argues anyway.


One response to “This Would Not Have Happened

  1. Sally Bellerose June 12, 2012 at 4:50 am

    Just a little push towards cantakerous and you can argue with yourself – or if you like – I’d be happy to argue with you. I don’t need a push. oooooooooooosallyb


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