Bett Norris


Monday, Monday

From the Mamas and the Papas to all the children of the world. It is Monday.

Why am I so unusually down this particular Monday? Let’s review.

1) I am getting a new supervisor at work, and losing one who has been very good to me. Change is not good for me.

2) for the reason above and many others, Sandy and I are considering what we want when I retire in five years, or sooner, whichever comes first.

3) It’s pure hell getting older.

4) I am not finding Mitt Romney as funny any more.

5) On Mondays, I have no Rachel Maddow recorded for watching.

6) I did not win the lottery.

7) I am incapable of looking on the bright side on Mondays.

8) It is humid and threatening rain.

9) I didn’t get all the work done over the weekend.

10) On Mondays, I question: what happened to this person?

2 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. Sally Bellerose July 16, 2012 at 4:45 am

    Hmmm… well, you may have prompted me to finally write a new entry for my bog – about the joys of retirement. oosallyb


  2. Beverly Fry July 16, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    There are no Mondays in retirement. There are no new or old supervisors either. Senior citizen hell and Mitt Romney are synonymous. You can watch Maddow at her regular time. Your lottery winnings are disguised in a Medicare envelope. Looking on the bright side comes after your nap during the rain. What work? You have a 7day weekend. That sweet smiling little girl is still inside you, just waiting to get out when YOU OPEN THE DOOR.


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