Bett Norris


Do You Like Free Stuff?

I do. This is not exactly free. I am having a contest to give away two signed copies of What’s Best for Jane, but you have to work at it. There will be a quizz. (Yes, I am a former scholl teacher. Sit up straight.)

What’s Best for Jane: my second novel, lavished with praise, a lovely and brilliantly written story of love and regret, loss and redemption. It’s about ties that bind us together, blood, common enemies, habit. It’s about a little girl teaching an old lady new tricks.

Now, people, comes the quizz. No cheating. The first two people who get all the answers right will receive signed copies of this enthralling novel that spans generatioins.

1) Who ran the service station in both Miss McGhee and in What’s Best for Jane?

2) Who is Paul Ryan’s favorite writer? (Hint: it’s not me.)

3) What town did Mary McGhee grow up in?

4) What famous TV character does Paul Ryan look like?

5) What was Lila’s last name?

Keep your eyes on your own paper. No talking. No texting. Spit out your gum.

Anyone who already has a signed copy is automatically disqualified, and you know who you are.



6 responses to “Do You Like Free Stuff?

  1. sallybellerose August 15, 2012 at 4:41 am

    I have a copy, but it is not signed. If I enter and win do I get a signature? I am sending this offer to my friend Marilyn – she loves to win stuff and is very lucky – also she loves a good book and this is a damn good one.


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  3. Kelly August 16, 2012 at 6:35 am

    Bett, are you Paul Ryan’s favorite author?


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