Bett Norris


Guns and Roses

It is rainy, cloudy, drippy here this morning. Perfect writing weather. This is Thursday, two days after the State of the Union, and I am stil thinking about Ted Nugent.

I have imaginary confrontations with him. I feel so bad for Luke Russert, who tried to interview Nugent after the speech.

Since Newtown, I have been thinking a lot about guns. I live in the country now, where it would be practical to have one for wild creatures that might attack us or the cats. There are all kinds of animals in these Florida forests, including coyotes, cute but destructive raccoons, armadillos, alligators, even panthers (rare) and bears, so they tell me.

We sit in the back yard and watch wild turkeys and many other kinds of birds, the giant woodpeckers, robins, cardinals, hawks, owls, others I can’t identify. We listen to them. There are chickens and roosters, feral cats who howl, there are deer, rabbits, possums, and of course, snakes. There was a dead snake tangled in one of the bushes in the front yard when we moved in. His skin and head are still there.

Lately, my partner and I have taken up fishing. The search for the perfect fishing hole is as much fun as actually fishing. We have caught perch, catfish, snakeheads, and some we can’t identify. The fishing isa re-enactment from both our childhoods, when I fished for catfish in the Tombigbee and Sandy fished for bass with her daddy in Texas.

The thing about fishing is when you find a good spot, you keep it secret. So we have this place we go to fish that is very far into the woods. I always think we should have some protection other than fishhooks and a knife. And a cell phone that probably has zero bars. What if we stumble upon a snake?

Guns sales spiked after the Newtown tragedy, as they do after every incident like it. People rush to buy guns before the bad federal government takes them away, because they are scared, because they believe they need to arm themselves for a civil war or some other equally ridiculous idea.

Even as the president was delivering his speech Tuesday night, a week-long rapage against the police was coming to a violebt end in Big Bear, where Christopher Dorner holed up in a cabin and engaged in a gun battle until the cabin caught on fire and burned to the ground, as the president spoke about the need to try to curb some gun violence by voting, please, on universal background checks for all gun purchases, for the ban on large capacity clips and magazines. Gabby Giffords was there for the speech. So was Ted Nugent. He sat beside some gay rights activists. He did not look happy about it. I wonder if he thought there would be a reserved section for the gun nuts like himself so they could all sit together?

The dogwoods are beginning to bloom. The grass is turning green. Spring is near, at least here in Florida it is. The azaleas have opened up. Trees are beginning to grow new leaves. The fish are jumping, birds are congregating, and the spring wet season is starting.

In all this new awakening after winter, I am getting the itch to play in the yard, go rambling, to dig in the dirt, and to write. What lingers though, is Newtown, and thoughts of guns.

One response to “Guns and Roses

  1. Sally Bellerose February 14, 2013 at 8:05 am

    Yes, what lingers is Newtown. Enjoy spring. Hoping we aren’t too far behind in MA.


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