Bett Norris


The Squirrels are Eating Mushrooms

Seriously. I just watched two of them in my backyard come down, pick mushrooms, and eat them. Will we have a bunch of hallucinating tree rodents? What are they thinking?


Was I hallucinating when I saw this? I inserted a stock photo because by the time I got the camera out, they were safely back in the tree, discarded remains of their breakfast left behind.

Soon, within the next two weeks, the Supreme Court will issue decisions on the DOMA case and the Prop 8 case. Many think it will be a split decision, with DOMA getting struck down because it supercedes states’ rights, and Prop 8 getting booted out maybe because the plaintiffs have no standing, or upheld, also because of states’ rights.

That’s pretty squirrelly, if you ask me. Deciding, on the one hand, that federal law restricting marriage to unequal application is unconstitutional, but on the other hand, a state can apply marriage law unequally, if it wants to. What? Seriously?

The justices must be eating mushrooms too, because that is just plain nuts.

So, simply think of the Justices as squirrels without nuts, and there you go.

As Ever,

I remain your faithful though confused correspondent, reporting from the home front.


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