Bett Norris


Four Shopping Days Left

It has been a different holiday season for Sandy and me. At Thanksgiving, we were dealing with health issues and postponed the turkey and dressing, promising each other we will do it for Christmas. More health issues, with my hips and back feeling worse, probably due to the cold, and Sandy dealing with new medications. Getting older does have its advantages, though, and we are grateful for every day we share together.

I saw only one turkey in the field this morning. Usually we see them in bunches, sometimes a dozen or more together. I didn’t stay outside long enough to watch the four deer that run from across the road, through the neighbor’s yard, and over the fence to the woods behind us.

We lost our beloved Sketch a couple of weeks ago. Such a good boy. He lived a long life and was very much loved.

I got to share the joy of a close friend of mine, who can finally say she wrote a book, a very good one. More on that later.

So here it is, now only four days left until Christmas. May I remind you that books make great gifts? Books are the gifts that keep on giving. Shopping for books at local independent bookstores, online and brick and mortar, help support the local economy and do so just makes you feel good.

these are just a few listings. All of these can ship books to you from their online stores if they are not in your area. Get out there and shop for the best gift you can give, books. Easy to wrap.





Of course, there are local independent stores in your locations. Get out there and spread the pleasure of books. Spread the joy.





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