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As you may know from Facebook, on Wednesday I got the truck stuck in deep mud in the front yard. Go ahead and laugh. Sandy did. We just left it there because we had appointments the next day.

We came home exhausted from the tests. I have never seen Sandy so washed out. I was hurting from twisting and turning on the Xray table, but my girl was simply used up.

Late yesterday, neighbor (former landlord) Larry showed up with Tyler. They asked for the keys, pulled the truck out of the mud, parked it nicely, and brought back the keys. I just love living in the country. People are so kind, and when they see that you need something done, they just pitch in and do it, if they can. That was one thing we didn’t have to worry about, and coming when we both felt so worn down, it was just a tremendous lift.

This morning there more than a dozen turkeys in the lower field. We stood and watched for a while. I wish I had a better camera so I could show you all.

Last week I had a meeting online with Bywater publishers and some other authors, all about marketing and promoting and things like that. I kept getting knocked off the meeting so I didn’t get notes on all of it. Apparently, I am supposed to be proactive and do some things.

Speaking of being proactive, we watched the SOTU the other night. I thought the president looked relaxed and energetic. I thought his message was simple and also energetic. If Congress can’t or won’t act, the president can go directly to business owners and mayors and governors and we, the people, can raise the minimum wage without Congressional mud wrestling. Easy peasy. I enjoyed the way he kept saying that if Congress wants to act, then they could certainly pitch in at any time. Boehner’s face kept getting longer and longer. The president just made a do nothing Congress irrelevant. Loved it.

So all our tests are done, and Sandy goes next week  to the specialist, when I hope we find out that she is going to be fine. Because soon it will be time to go fishing, and I need her to bait my hook. Not really. But she can tie hooks and leaders and weights and lures and all that important stuff, while I cast out and reel in. When she gets me all set up, Sandy then proceeds to catch the most fish.

Anyway, spring is coming soon, at least it is here in Florida, where temps will be back in the seventies by the weekend. Don’t hate.

My poor sister-in-law got stuck traveling from Birmingham back home in the storm, stranded for 2 days mid route because of icy roads and closures. She had with her her sister Donna and their father, who they were bringing home after successful cancer treatment and surgery.  They have finally made it home safely. So compared to folks around the nation, getting the car stuck in the front yard wasn’t such a big deal. We truly are blessed, and I feely doubly so because while our own troubles sometimes seem too much, it is good to know that other people are coming through much more serious stuff just fine.

I think of all the people affected by the storm, some maybe still without power and heat, some with cars still stranded on the highways. I think of those facing sub zero temps and who still follow the snow plows to get to work.

I think it will be 77 degrees here tomorrow, and I am so grateful. Also, it is good for a person like me to have Triple A, because you just never know.

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