Bett Norris



I hope you all are experiencing spring. Here at home, the trees are all green, the dogwoods and azaleas have bloomed, and it’s getting warmer each day.  When we lived in St Pete, on the coast, we didn’t get to enjoy the change of seasons. It was always green, always hot, sometimes less hot. Here, we have more deciduous trees, fewer palms, and we get just enough cold weather to know it’s winter. Spring and fall here are just wonderful.


Take a moment to watch the new book trailers that Bywater Books has posted. One for MIss McGhee and one for What’s Best for Jane. I suppose that it’s spring cleaning, to dust off these titles and make them seem shiny and new again.




Have you noticed that I added a page for book clubs? I have reading guides up for both books. I am happy to speak with reading groups, in person or by Skype. Ask me, I dare you. I’m just crazy enough to do it.

While you’re still begging me for information, why don’t some of you go post a review of What’s Best for Jane on amazon and Goodreads. Do it now. Apparently, there is some huge advantage if a book gets 30 or more reviews. The reviews can be short, just a few sentences emphasizing how much you liked the book and how it changed your life for the better.

Okay, now. Let’s calm down and get active.


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