Bett Norris


The Apocalypse, Penury, and Pancakes.

Well, hey there. So much has happened in just this past week, I thought that it’s about time I catch you up.

First things first: the apocalypse. Anyone catch the season finale of the Walking Dead?

In other signs of impending doom, the Supreme Court on Monday decided not to hear another lame suit regarding the Affordable Care act.


Then there’s this. Indiana, Indiana. What in the (modern) world are you doing? Governor Mike Pence, just what did you think this “it’s okay to discriminate” law would accomplish?

I have nothing more to say about this. No, wait. Governor Pence, don’t you realize that people can discriminate just fine on their own, without the help and protection of the state?

I ate pancakes three times this week, the last week of March, a month with thirty one days. We stretched every dollar, counted loose change, and we made it to the end of the month without stealing or borrowing. We made it. I could tell you the final balance in our bank account, but suffice it to know it’s only three digits.. But the point is, we made it through, and we had a pretty good time this month. We got a ramp built, so we don’t have to climb stairs to get in and out of the house. We watched spring arrive, and gloried in the fresh new greenness of it. We dug in the yard and planted things and cut away dead growth, and watched the cows return. We (sort of) adopted a new cat named Wesley. Boo Boo found him first, and he is a real sweetheart.

In other good news, our dear sister friend Cy Brinson, a musician and artist, joined Facebook. Welcome, and we know this was a big step for her.. Check out her Facebook Page here: Keep up with the journey of her novel Effie as it comes into being: movie, stage play, musical, or book? maybe all of the above.

It’s difficult to remain stressed or depressed when spring is so in-your-face gorgeous. Remember that.

And just to send you out into the newly sprung spring, here’s an hilarious song by Miranda Lambert that I think beautifully describes Democrats and Republicans.

Ya’ll take care now.

2 responses to “The Apocalypse, Penury, and Pancakes.

  1. Jane Jackson April 2, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    Could you tell me how much your books are and how I can go about getting the 2? You can’t find anything in Jackson. I borrowed them from Tammy and finished reading one, never did finish the other one.
    Thank you,
    Jane Jackson


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