Bett Norris


Evolving on the Confederate flag

I posted all I had to say on the subject yesterday. Then I read this piece by Rachel Spangler, much more thoughtful than I was. Like her, I grew up in the south (Alabama), ran around barefoot, drank tea so sweet it hurt your teeth, loved (still) Crimson Tide football, ate fried okra, fried catfish, fried anything with gravy.

I love the south. That’s why I still live here. I love my heritage, but I am not blind to the great injustices that existed, and still exist in some ways. That’s why you won’t see me raise a rebel flag in honor of the past, the glory days of the antebellum South, or for any other reason. Doing so involves hurting other people. Showing the same flag that appears at Klan rallies, that misrepresents so much of our history, that is something I can’t do.

Yes, I love the south, and I love my roots. I always will.  I don’t have to love a flag to prove my bona fides .

Evolving on the Confederate flag.


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