Bett Norris



Flawed: Or, My Inside Feelings Are Hurt

“The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose.”

                                                                                                                 Ecclesiastes 1:5

Dear friends, (and I know you’re out there) be disappointed but do not despair. Be heartsick but not heartbroken. Fifty nine million Americans voted for us, for each one of us. Okay, that’s as comforting as I can be. You don’t have to read this, but if you continue, just imagine what the Republicans would sound like this morning if they had lost. Try, for a moment, to think of people like Giuliani and Gowdy and Chaffetz and Cruz and Christie  and Gingrich glowering, promising endless, pointless investigations, eternal gridlock, you get the picture. Just recall the last eight years of the current administration, and you will agree that however hyperbolic or enraged I may sound, it’s baby squeaks compared. 

Imagine the Trumps redecorating the White House. That’s funny, right? Have you seen pictures of their apartment in Trump Towers? More gilt, anyone?

Imagine a State dinner hosting the prime minister of Japan, and Trump explaining he has to cut costs somewhere, so maybe they should just build some nuclear weapons of their own.

Imagine the next NATO meeting, where we explain that while we want to remain in charge of the whole thing, we should start paring away members who don’t pay enough to make this a printable venture for the US.

Imagine how the fight against ISIS will work so much better after Turkey kicks us off their air bases. From that platform, we now intend to launch strikes to deliberately kill women and children. Because that strategy always makes the other side more willing to negotiate and surrender. Imagine our renewed commitment to use torture, just because.

Imagine the US pulling out of the United Nations, because they are weak. While you’re in the world of the next administration, imagine thousands of military service men and women resigning. Imagine top generals and admirals retiring.

Think about how Muslim Americans will feel. How women will feel. Think how Latinos and immigrants of every origin will feel. Think of little kids crying because they are afraid their parents will be deported. Think of a deportation force that roams the country, seizing people and holding thousands in detainment camps. Think of the financial cost to the country.

While you are working on the economic future, do you want a raise? The minimum wage raise is off the table, and increases in Social Security, forget it. Hey, if Daryl on The Walking Dead can eat dog food, so can we.

Speaking of The Walking Dead how does that feel? Not so much a fantasy show based on a comic book, and more like foreshadowing a new reality? Me too. Just like everybody else, we can come to accept that Negan is The Benevolent Leader we so desperately need. And, does that pork taste funny to you?

Worried about your safety? You should be, if you are a black man, a Latino, or anyone who just looks “foreign.” Indians, Basques, Sikhs, Jewish, Catholic, gays, lesbians, trans, queer? Do you feel safe and loved and included? Women out there, do you feel like standing each time Trump enters a room, sitting only after he allows you to? Me neither.

Worried about your job? Yeah.

How about that whole climate change, global warming, ice caps melting, sea levels rising, oxygen disappearing, drought, floods, super storms, Florida underwater, most of Hawaii gone. That land bridge to Asia? Not a good escape route. Moving up to a soggy Alaska won’t save us. Sarah Palin lives up there, and she won’t help at all.

Here’s another trip. Think of Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State. Rudy as Attorney General, that’s if Chris Christie doesn’t get that job. Pray that Ruth Ginsberg can hold out for four more years.

Don’t think about how Hillary Clinton must feel right now. She’s tough, and she’s got other things to do. Think about President Obama this morning. And forgive yourself for ever doubting him, tiring of his endless soaring rhetoric, and his constant chant of hope. Forgive yourself for feeling guilty when he said, in  his last pitch for Hillary, that he believed in us, he trusted us, he bet on us, one more time. Think instead of the dignity, strength, and grace with which he handled the constant opposition of the last eight years, all the insults, threats, and obstruction. Think of all that he accomplished despite all that. And think of it all being dismantled gleefully by those who refused to admit his legitimacy, refused to respect him, refused to allow him the stature of his office. That “you salute the rank, not the man” thing. Think not of your own loss, but of his. “He saved General Motors and killed bin Laden.” That’s what Joe Biden said.

Oh, that’s right, Joe. The man who served in the Senate for three decades, on the Foreign Relations committee, the man who spoke bluntly, who laughed, who would have run for the presidency if not for, well, you know the story.

Think of Bill Weld, who did a courageous thing, and on TV said that his ticket had no chance to win, and therefore he wanted to vouch for Hillary Clinton, for her honesty and integrity, for her work ethic and her experience. He said he wanted to stand up for her.

More advice: don’t think of the Khans, or of John McCain, or of all those vets with PTSD. Don’t think about it. Or about how Meghan Kelly and Katie Tur and lots of other reporters had to endure taunts and threats and insults. Don’t think about all the videos and recordings of Trump insulting, demeaning, and assaulting women. Do not consider that this man once gave permission for his own daughter to be called “a piece of ass,” that he said she had nice breasts, and if she wasn’t his daughter he’d like to date her. Don’t waste time thinking about all the women who came forward and called him a liar, because he had assaulted them. Don’t think about the civil suit accusing him of raping a thirteen-year-old girl, due for court on December 16th, because that suit was dropped.

While you’re at it, don’t think about the hundreds of time this man has been sued for breach of contract, or for divorce, or subjected to penalties and fine by the IRS. Because his so-called charitable foundation to which he has given no money since 2008, wrote checks for campaign contributions to several state attorneys general who were planning to investigate him. Or how about the checks written on the foundation’s account that paid for a life size portrait of himself and for signed sports memorabilia.

In fact, it’s better not to think at all about that ugly stuff. It worked for us during the campaign, right? So much easier for us to worry about emails. So much more important and distracting, and it worked. It kept us from thinking. And we made it through the election, and now it’s over. What a relief, right?

We’ll see each other again in four years, and until then, let’s not think, or talk, about “politics” because that has nothing to do with our real lives. And the mess is not our fault anyway. It’s those damn people in Washington.  You know, the do-nothing, gridlock, vote-no-on-everything, bastards who keep getting re-elected? We are so mad at them. Who on earth voted for those clowns, anyway? Let’s just hope and pray, shall we, that Trump charges in there and gets rid of all of them, like he said he would fire all the generals and get rid of the lobbyists, and make America great again.



One response to “Flawed

  1. margueritequantaine November 9, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Hillary For President 2020.
    I’s still with her.


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