Bett Norris


Let Freedom Ring, Let the White Dove Sing




Independence Day

Women should take charge. Men have run this country, the government, the economy, the workforce, the court system, for over 200 years. Women can’t possibly do worse that they have done, making a nomination to the Supreme Court into a farce; allowing a person like Trump to rule by temper tantrum and greed; abdicating responsibility for the status of society where people scream at each other instead of listen; where compromise and cooperation are dirty words. Men have run this country where women did not get the vote until 1918; where Japanese Americans served honorably in WWII while their families were locked in internment camps and their property confiscated, where native Americans were systematically stripped of their land, their culture, their languages, and their dignity. A country governed by men did not allow African Americans equal citizenship until the 1960’s, and still today tries to suppress the right to vote. I agree with Ruth Bader Ginsberg when asked how many women should be on the Supreme Court, and she said nine. Men control a country where 27 years ago, a witness before a Senate Judicial committee was humiliated and denigrated, and where today, that same committee, with some of the same Senators, worked to push through a nomination without giving a female witness even the pretense of investigation, without calling for corroborating testimony, refusing to release more than 90% of the papers of the nominee. So, yeah, why not let women run things for a while. Do you really think they would allow the country to reach this state of incivility and division? Do you think women would allow this country to be the only one, in the entire world, to pull out of the Paris Accords? Do you think women would allow mining and drilling on national preserves? Would women allow hunting of endangered species? Would women allow, for even one minute, guns to be purchased by mentally ill, or violent people? Would women call for universal background checks for anyone who wants to own a gun? Would we want military assault weapons in the hands of citizens? Would women restrict free speech? Would women act on universal healthcare? For a fairer tax code? Women would get a balanced budget passed. They would insist on a woman’s right to decide about their own health. If all women everywhere voted, women could attain a majority in state houses, in Congress, on the courts. Women would get rid of the ridiculous Citizens United fiasco. Women could, and should, restrict all political donations from individuals, from corporations and PAC’s, to a miniscule amount. Women could, and should, raise the minimum wage. Women make up the majority in this country. What’s the worst that could happen if they had control of the reins of power for a while? Do you believe that women would separate families from their children at the border? Do you think women would insult NATO allies, start trade wars with Canada?


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