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I Choose Anna Burke as my Hostage, or Review of Sea Wolf

Swashbuckling doesn’t begin to describe this compelling, fast-action sequel to Compass Rose. I started this book yesterday, and finished it today. It only has one spaghetti stain. I couldn’t stop reading through lunch. This outstanding sci-fi eco fiction novel can be read without first reading the prequel, but why would you want to? When I say that this is fast-paced, I mean that you can dive in without an oxygen tank, but there won’t really be enough breaks to come up for air, so be prepared. Set in the 26th century, long after humans have thoroughly scourged and ruined the planet and its oceans, Rose and her band of friends, fellow pirates, shipmates, face imminent dangers, and not all of them come from the very hostile environment, or what’s left of it. It is not only the planet we have royally raped and pillaged, we seem intent on destroying the last desperate remnants of the human race as well. The story begins on board the sub Man O’ War, commanded by the enigmatic and sometimes terrifying Miranda Stillwater, Rose’s captain, as well as her lover. Rose has extra sensory perceptions that make her essential as a navigator. Having broken away from the Archipelago, along with her best friend Harper, who happens to be the daughter of Admiral Comito, leader of the Archipelago, oh, never mind. No one is who they seem to be. Trust no one as you read this thriller. Rose and Harper, having sworn allegiance to Miranda, a pirate who broke ranks with her former commander Ching Shih both still arch enemies of and wanted for capital offenses by the Archipelago, and again, never mind, The plot, the action, the life-as-we-know-it stakes, the pacing, it all leaves you breathless. And begging the question, when does the next one come out? When does Sea Wolf get made into a movie? And, can we get Jen Psaki to play Rose?

Sea Wolf

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