Bett Norris


Review of What’s Best for Jane

Dear Bett


I finally was able to get copies of “What’s Best for Jane” and I just finished reading it this morning. What a great way to start my day – finishing your book. Such a wonderful feeling is lingering. I believe I’ll enjoy the flavor for a very long time to come and I know I’ll be reading it again soon just to learn how I can be a better writer.


You are amazing. Your paragraph on p. 106 “…..but they’re like brothers or something.” Something settled then, like a sheet snapped in the air and spread over a bed for making up. She didn’t like boys. It fit over her and felt right. What a genius way of describing an “Ah hah” moment that just hits you. Perfection.


I never heard the phrase “supremely content” as Sammie felt sitting with Mary and I know that feeling is one I’m always chasing. If I was even “supremely content” with one part of my life or a relationship, I’d be very happy. Well, I guess I’d be supremely content.


Bett, you are a magician with words: When she was young, she had read literature this way, in surprise, in wonder, like an explorer excavating a hidden trail untouched by human feet for centuries, but still there, unused but beckoning toward something unknown and exciting.


I am still that young girl reading in wonder and you are one of the geniuses producing that wonder for readers like me. This book not only gave me an escape because it was an enjoyable read but at the same time made me analyze my own feelings.


I don’t have all of the words in my grasp to thank you for this book so I’ll go with:


Thank you for this book.




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