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So, I’m doing something that is so stereotypical, so much a part of the lesbian brand that I am ashamed. I am reduced, is you will, to writing about my pets. Still, writing is writing.
We have a cat, Boo Boo, ten years old, smarter than we are, a Norwegian Forest tuxedo cat with Ninja skills of such magnitude that she appears and disappears at will, much like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Boo is superior in every way, and frequently saves our lives, simply by alerting us when anyone comes near. Her personality is silent, stand-offish, reclusive. She would prefer not to need us to tend to her most basic needs, (food, water, clean litter) and begrudgingly allows some petting, some brushing, and insists on bedtime treats.


We also have a rabbit, named Buddy Rabbit, who is about two years old, soft, brown, long ears, very polite, very quiet, very appreciative of all we do for him. He is extremely solicitous of our happiness and well-being, and wants to love us as much as we love him. He feels the same way about Boo Boo.

Another Buddy
Boo is not interested in expanding our family. She officially ignores Buddy’s existence, but she does play with him, when she thinks we are not paying attention. Any little sign of acknowledgment sends Buddy into joy and delight.

Sandy and I had this exact conversation this morning, remarking on how different Boo and Buddy are, yet how well they get along. I went even further, stating that Boo Boo has my personality, stand-offish, introverted, in her own mind quite ahead of everyone else, and preferring to be left alone. Buddy, on the other hand, is happy. All the time, he’s happy. He’s happy to see you, happy to meet new friends. Buddy is more like Sandy, in that he simply exudes love. He loves you even before you know him. He loves you into loving him. He’s a lover. Everything is good in Buddy’s world view.
Things could be better, is Boo’s somewhat jaded outlook. (And really after this year in U.S. politics, who can disagree?)
Buddy and Boo Boo

Why can’t we all just get along? That is all I have.

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